Thursday, April 1, 2010

We Who Are Prepared to Pwoermd

This is the biggest year for InterNaPwoWriMo ever. By my count, we have thirteen poets (on fifteen different websites) writing pwoermds this month from four different countries. My thanks to everyone for participating. I'll be following all of you. Please tell me of any corrections or additions.

Participants in InterNaPwoWriMo III

Suzanne Burns' Facebook Wall: (starting pwoermd: crääckCK)

Mike Cannell's Worbdlog (starting pwoermd: almust)

Richard Capener's pen aCre: (starting pwoermd: fiddiddle)

Alex Davis' W---, OR D--, POE MS. (starting pwoermd: conch-arete)

Giles Goodland's MySpace: (starting pwoermd: Namething)

Sari Hakala's Avaamaton: (starting pwoermd: h aa mu)

Mara Patricia Hernandez' /vi-zhə-wəl/ (starting pwoermds: innite and landguage)

Geof Huth's InterNaPwoMo: (starting pwoermd: nsure)

Satu Kaikkonen's ö.tökkää : (starting pwoermd:


Satu Kaikkonen's Pwoermds: (identical content as above site)

Karri Kokko's Facebook Wall: (starting pwoermd: industy)

Karri Kokko's Sanaruno (assumed participating site: no new pwoermds since March 29th)

Stephen Nelson's ach/och: (starting pwoermd: armth)

sven staelens' pwoërdzie: (starting pwoermd: wȩȅldӛ)

John Moore Williams' TyPoeSie: (starting pwoermd: flieght)

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