Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Visual Pwoermd in Yellow and Black

Although InterNaPwoWriMo has never focused on this aspect of pwoermdy, pwoermds come in a visual form in addition to the more common textual form. To some degree, most pwoermds are visual, because they are usually meant to be seen to be understood; even if they can be pronounced into the air, their meaning might be inaudible. But some pwoermds are insistently visual, and these we call visual pwoermds.

One, and maybe the only, visual pwoermd that has appeared thus far in this year's celebration of InterNaPwoWriMo is ƏC's "y.ouu," a verbally simple and visually complicating piece that uses ƏC's (apparently) signature colors of yellow and black. Colored like a bees, ƏC's pwoermds sting with a sudden realization of what is actually possible via the mechanisms of the pwoermd.

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