Saturday, April 24, 2010

InterNaPwoWriMo III: The Book

John Moore Williams, an imaginative poet (visual and otherwise), has been telling me that he'd like to put out an e-book that captures the pwoermds we brave twenty who have created over the course of InterNaPwoWriMo III. I gave him the list of folks before the clock turned to today, along with email addresses, in cases where I had them or could track them down. For those for whom I did not have an email address (marked with an asterisk below), I pointed him to one web presence or another of yours, but if you could email me your email address I'll send that on to John. Expect word from John soon, as well as a request to accumulate all your pwoermds for him. And please note that if you created as few as only a single pwoermd for this yearly celebration that that counts as participation to me. This will be fun.
Alex Davis*
Andrew Topel
Geof Huth
Giles Goodland*
Jeremy James Foxtrot Thompson
John Moore Williams
jonathan jones
Karri Kokko
Mara Patricia Hernandez
Mark Young
Mike Cannell
Richard Capener*
Sari Hakala*
Satu Kaikkonen
Stephen Nelson
Stephen Vincent
Suzanne Burns
sven staelens*
Tony Green
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