Monday, April 2, 2018

The Pwoermdists

Geof Huth, "DEATHEART" (2 April 2018)

This is just a brief note on the second day of International Pwoermd Writing Month, which day I've decided to call All Fools Day, a note about the pwoermdists I know are doing something for InterNaPwoWriMo. Here's a list of these brave souls:
Tim Canny
Jeremy C. Casabella
for a day, while
Claudia (Rose) Franken
Sean Gallagher
Cliff Hight
Alicia La Motte
Bob Marcacci
Stephen Nelson
Bob Phillips
Katy Rawdon (Smack of Jellyfish)
Sven Staelens
Gökhan Turhan
Hale Turhan
I'll try to write something about each of these brave souls before the month ends.


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