Thursday, March 29, 2018

Announcing International Pwoermd Writing Month XI

Geof Huth, [Visual Pwoermd after Saroyan] (29 March 2018)

The first of April, Easter, Passover, the first changing over to spring in a way we can feel it are all upon us. And with such graces of the seasons comes International Pwoermd Writing Month, the least of all the writing months of all the countries of the world, because it is the month focused on poems only one word in length. Add a title or another word, and the pwoermd disappears.

This year, I am once again calling for people to tell me if they will be making pwoermds this month and where they will be posting them, so that I can try to do a better job than I usually do pointing people to the pwoermds being made in the world.

To be truthful, every month is International Pwoermd Writing Month (officially only April) and every day is International Pwoermd Day (officially May 19th), but it is good to take a break from two-word and full-sentence pwoermds to focus on the small and see deeply into this thing called language and this ability of ours called insight.

If you will be participating, leave a note here or look for my name on the Internet and leave me a note where you find me.

A pwoermd is fleeting but that is why it is also precious.

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