Saturday, April 8, 2017


Geof Huth, "waxsynth" (9 April 2017)
The pwoermd is quick (usually quick) and short (usually short). It is a form for the poet of fixed time, a form in which almost every exemplar is created out of the pure inspiration of a sudden thought. The poem is a flash (in the pan, of a lightbulb going on, of time).

Yet inspiration results from a life of thinking and rich experience. To be a pwoermdist, one must be a person of the word (in language, in flight, in a stream of sense, in isolation), one must understand the intricacies of a language (the entirement of its shapesoundsense), one must be observant enough to see and remember and document the inspired word.

Just "word," not "words," the singularity of the pwoermd demands it. The pwoermd is so small we can dash around a corner to put it to paper or brain.

In my career (a word in desperate need of parethesizing quotations marks or a suffixing "ing") as a poet, I have often been hit by the inspiration of my inhabiting Martians while walking somewhere or reading a book and then I failed to inscribe it in my memory or write it down, so those are lost possibly forever.

Or the inspiration will return, unexpected, and I will, once again, face a new thought, a new word, a new pwoermd.

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