Monday, April 24, 2017


Geof Huth, "furth" (24 April 2017)
Despite the moderate struggle I've been having during this International Pwoermd Writing Month, it is the fullest month ever. My volume of work (not at all a measure of value) is much higher than previously, likely because I've decided to create ten pwoermds or pwoermd-related things a day, which would lead to at least 300 of these by the end of the month.

However, the struggle to find powermds of different kinds each day has, unintentionally, caused me to write more pwoermds made out of letters alone, pwoermds with no essential visual presentation. Because of this, my little Pwoermdbottle II is filling fast with tiny pwoermds written on cardboard, leading me to worry (just a bit) that the bottle may not be able to hold every pwoermd I write this month.

Not a bad state of affairs, if one is like me and likes to make many things, big and small. I don't even mind if they're all small, just that they entertain, even if only with puns. But more about puns tomorrow.


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