Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Geof Huth, "norishmeant" (26 April 2017)

I am writing with ice this month. I haven't done this before this month because I didn't have the tools. Now I do: ice cube trays with holes the shapes of each letter of the alphabet.

While working with these icy letters, I assemble each word, each pwoermd, on a different surface than any previous ice pwoermd. There are two reasons for this. First, I'm interested in providing variety, especially when I'm making the same kinds of pwoermds over and over again. Second, a new surface is a new source of inspiration. This is especially important for my object pwoermds—of which icepwoermds are one type—because these are Adamic works that rename the surfaces and objects they are laid upon.

What I love about making these pwoermds is that I have little time to make them because ice melts quickly and the letters begin to slip over the non-cloth surfaces. I love to make a poem in the moment, without planning. I love to allow myself to write without a net, to solve problems in an instant, to make something that is pure and immediate inspiration.

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