Thursday, April 27, 2017


Karen and I had our first party at our apartment today, and I didn't even mention pwoermds. Our company was law librarians from across the state who work in the court system, and we had a fabulous (as Karen might say) time.

I did, however, introduce them to a little of my poetry. And I even gave one of them a little book of pwoermds of mine from 1987: the stanes. This consist of a little sued me pouch with drawstring (all sewed by me) holding three stones, each written with a different pwoermd, based on the type of stone it was.

The reader didn't comment on the pouch's contents after reading it. But that's okay. My goal isn't acceptance, and certainly not embracement. My goal is exposure.

I try to make the gears of people's brains roll. Simply that.


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