Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Geof Huth, "gnesst" (19 April 2017)

Tonight, I planned for my month's worth of object pwoermds, at the last minute. I am running out of reasonable objects to create object pwoermds with, and I'm heading (via Path train at a cost of $2.75) to Newark for the spring 2017 conference of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, an association I've been a member of since 1988. So I sent the following note out to the Facebook page for the organization, thus admitting, even more openly than usual, how poem- and art-obsessed I am:

MARACkers, here's a weird request. Every April, I make at least 30 object pwoermds, which are objects I encrust with a one-word poem. This year, I'm running low on collected objects and heading to Newark (not far from home) tomorrow without any objects to make pwoermds with. So if you have any small objects you think are interesting and might hold the kiss of ink (and you're willing to part with them), take them to Newark for me, and I'll remember you as the giver (well, I'll document it). Tonight's object pwoermd is pictured below, along with the archival materials I use to hold them for storage in my personal papers at the University at Albany. This is art, poetry, and archives (okay, and craziness) all at once. Objects have to be no bigger than 4 X 3.5 x 1.25 inches in size to fit in the box. Though I may be able to use other objects for other projects, if you have something larger to donate to this less than essential cause. Thanks.


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