Thursday, April 20, 2017


Geof Huth, "emchanted" (20 April 2017)
I'm hungry. What happens to me these days (because of age or illness) is that I become tired and my voice goes flat whenever I'm too hungry, and that is happening to me right now, as I wait for dinner to begin, and while I have no idea when it will begin.

But I'm famished for another reason as well. The evening has begun, and I've created most of the types of pwoermds I have to create each day in April, but I yet to create the final two: the found pwoermd, which I'll probably be able to do with a little searching; and the object pwoermd, which is more of a problem since I didn't even bring any objects with me.

I'm still hoping for someone at my Mid-Atlantic Archives Conference meeting to hand me a good object today, but I really never expected anyone would. I'll have to find an object by walking the streets of Newark later on.

The night might get interesting.


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