Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The 10th Cruellty

The Box of Boxes for This Year's Object Pwoermds of Mine

The pwoermd is the word as poem. Not words, just word. The pwoermd concerns the idea of oneness as singleness. It is a single word presented as a whole poem.

And this is an historical moment for the pwoermd, because on the first of April, the tenth annual celebration of the pwoermd begins: International Pwoermd Writing Month X, which I humorously abbreviate as InterNaPwoWriMo10.

In general, the goal of InterNaPwoWriMo is to write at least one pwoermd a day, but people tackle this task in many ways, so you choose how and when and why you join this fray. Anyone interested in participating and in having me bring a little attention to their work should send me an email, leave me a note here, or contact me via any of my social media venues--and tell me where people can find the pwoermds you'll be making. Already, two people have told me they will be participating.

Since this is the tenth annual International Pwoermd Writing Month, I've set an ambitious plan for my participation in this month's celebration. I will produce pwoermds or writing about pwoermds in each of the following categories:

  1. Textual Pwoermd: A simple written pwoermd
  2. Object Pwoermd: An object with a pwoermd written on it (which object must be small enough to fit in one of the 30 small square boxes pictured in the larger box above)
  3. Pwoermd Essay: Some kind of essay, likely short, about the pwoermd or a pwoermdist's work
  4. Handwritten Visual Pwoermd: A textual pwoermd that includes additional meaning because of the way I have written it)
  5. Found Pwoermd: A word I must find somehow in the world and present as a pwoermd (which will likely be the most difficult part of this month's project)
  6. Trumpwoermd: A political anti-Trump pwoermd (I'm trying to keep from making any of these before the start of the month on Saturday, and if I am lucky these will be in response to something Trump has done on each day of the month)
  7. Pwoermdbottle II: A bottle that I will fill each day with copies of the textual pwoermds and possibly the handwritten visual pwoermds I make that day
  8. Photopwoermd: A photograph I take and then decorate with a pwoermd, so a type of visual pwoermd or vispwoermd
  9. Soundpwoermd: A pwoermd that I will make by saying it, recording it, and posting the audio of it (these will likely be asemic pwoermds)
  10. Pwoermdkname: A pwoermdic name I will write for at least one person a day 
We will see how I survive. 

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