Saturday, April 2, 2016

Making "rustacean"

Geof Huth, "rustacean" (2 April 2016)
So I thought of the pwoermd while drinking coffee, a simple pwoermd, one made merely by clipping a word, but it somehow seems like it has always existed.

But the pwoermd was not meant to be just a word. It was also an object. And I needed the right object.

Karen and I walked the too-clean (who knew?) streets of Manhattan searching for something rusty.

She suggested a couple of nails in boards, but we could not remove them. Rebar protruding from concrete wouldn't work for the same reason.

But I found on Hudson Street a metal planter, rusting along its edges, and I was able to bend a loose end back and forth enough to get the rustacean I needed.

(All my object pwoermds are adamic to some degree.)

And I wrote upon it my word, though it did not show enough. I wanted a different ink, but I did not have it.

We do not always have everything we need. We do not always make everything we want.

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