Sunday, April 3, 2016

Errotic Contaguous Transfromation

We know that merely moving from one side to another changes us. Cis-pacific by birth, transatlantic by happenstance, I am now cis-atlantic and I so see differently. Sean Smith's "transfrom" tells us of such changes better, more efficiently. It is. It does not merely tell.  

We perceive borders where there may be none. We forget how the smallest change changes everything. We fail to remember how we are infected by what is closest to us—how contagion comes from that that in contiguous with us. Sean shows us this again. 

We are driven by desires programmed into us, desires that keep us as individuals and as a species alive and continuing. But those desires do not always move us without our causing mistakes via their engines pushing us. The magic of life is its unlikelihood in the face of its reality, its irrationality in the face of its perfect order, its disorder in the face of its ability to thrive. 

A single word can tell us this. A true smith can tell us with a single word. 


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