Monday, April 6, 2015

Wordless One-Word Poems

Karri Kokko, Untitled Vispwoermd (April 2015)

Sometimes a poem that is a word long has no word in it at all.

Sometimes writing isn't readable.

Sometimes a word looks but doesn't speak.

Karri Kokko, the King of Finnish pwoermdy, and one of the kings of English pwoermdy, has been writing pwoermds this month in a single line, pwoermds about handwriting and loops, pwoermds about irregular structures, pwoermds about unbroken lines.

What makes these pwoermds is that they do not open a space between any of the inexact and ambiguous characters. Each written object is a single word.

But the word is unknowable, more than cryptic, not quite here, but not yet ready to go.

Karri Kokko, Untitled Vispwoermd (April 2015)

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