Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pwoermdroitness, or The Marcaccionacci Sequence

A pwoermd's proper place is isolation. Its worth is in its ability to stand on its own, within semiotic space, but outside of syntax. For that reason, I consider the pwoermd a separate part of speech from all others. A part of speech is determined not by its structure but by how it is used syntactically, so what is ostensibly the same word might serve as a noun, a verb, and adjective--and even a pwoermd.

Yet it seems that non-syntactic sequences of pwoermds have their purpose too. Sure, often the sequencing is created primarily because the pwoermdist is working out the entire vein of a certain inspiration that runs through the hard igneous core of quotidian unimagination, but that doesn't mean there isn't still a purpose, an esthetic one, for the sequence. The sequence, regardless, persists as a regard of that inspiration--more vapor than stone, more accessible, pliable.

So it is that we arrive tonight upon a slowly created pwoermd sequence by Bob Marcacci who lives in Doha, Qatar, and teaches there. (The closest school to Doha I ever attended was the American School of Tangier.) What makes this sequence doubly interesting to me is that it is pwoermding on the word "pwoermd." What could be a better set of specimens to examine than such during International Pwoermd Writing Month?

Let's look at them one by one:


The first of the pwoermds is the longest but it's about the process of shrinking, Shrinky Dinks (trademarked by Milton Bradley) being little plastic forms one bakes in the oven, thus shrinking them into a final hardened shape. This pwoermd functions against that process, possibly defining a pwoermd as something that expands the effect of shrinking on . . . the mind, the acceptance of neologisms, the act of making art.


Defining is a means of de-pwoermding a pwoermd, but it remains a process we continue to follow. We learn from a pwoermd by making it mean something to us, as readers, than may never have been intended by the writer. But I feel confident in suggesting that this sequence is about pwoermdmaking, so I will go forward. It appears that "pwoermdread" (a fused-word pwoermd where the middle d ends one of the source words and begins the other) refers to writer's block, or the fear of having writer's block. But the word has some magic to it. The overlapping first d of "dread" helps to eliminate the discomfort of pronoucning the last d of "pwoermd," and the echoing d at the end of pwoermdread adds a slight consonance, just as the final d mirrors the opening p.


This pwoermd is a bit inscrutable to me, but the only reading that comes to mind is a sequence of pwoermds, a ledger of the creation of pwoermds that is both an accounting of pwoermds made and the adding up of the pwoermds total value, assuming (of course) that pwoermds are measured in esthcibels (spelled aesthcibels by those, like me, who usually adhere closely to hard core American English spelling). The word has a hard, uncomfortable sound, as if the pwoermdt himself disagreed with such a measurement of value.


Of course, this is the pwoermd that holds me the fastest. To be pwoerdroit, to be able to make pwoermds skillfully and effortlessly, to have a mind dense with words and quick of thought enough to make a successful pwoermd over and over again. To be a master of the pwoermdic domain.

The best of pwoermds often suggest separate meanings, maybe overlapping, but never completely so. In the case before us, this word might be about pornographic pwoermds, those with salacious sexual content (of which there are many--you may be able to think of one to make out of the word "content," for example)--or it might be about the wearing down of a pwoermd or the thought of a pwoermd, the conception of one, into a naturally polished stone, unique and steady in its beauty.
And, there, ladies and gentleman, is the Marcaccionacci Sequence, a pwoermd sequence possibly still growing into a greater bloomingness.


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