Wednesday, April 1, 2015

InterNaPwoWriMo VIII is in Progress

Sven Staelens, Untitled Vispwoermd (1 April 2015)

So far we have 22 pwoermdists involved in the eight annual International Pwoermd Writing Month, 22 men and women (from Europe and North American--where are the other continents?) willing to try to write a single one-word poem a day for the entire month of April (the cruellest month)--that's 30 words total, a hard slog, but they can do it. The pwoermdists, with links to their even more places of their posting, are listed here:

mIEKAL aND (on Facebook)
mIEKAL aND (on Twitter)
Gary Barwin (on the serif of nottingham blog)
Robin Brox (on Facebook)
Mike Busam (Everybody Funny blog)
Tim Canny (on Facebook)
Tim Canny (on Twitter)
Jeremy Casabella (on Twitter)
Catherine Ednie (on Facebook)
Catherine Ednie (on Tumblr)
for a day, while (on Twitter)
Rose Franken (on Facebook)
Sean Gallagher (on Twitter)
Michael Helsem (on Geof Huth's Facebook page)
Michael Hollander (on Twitter)
Geof Huth (on Facebook)
Geof Huth (on the International Pwoermd Writing Month blog)
Geof Huth (on Twitter)
Satu Kaikkonen (on Pwoermds 2015 blog)
Bob Marcacci (on Facebook)
Suzanne Mercury (on Facebook)
Stephen Nelson (on Facebook)
Pearl Pirie (on Twitter)
Sven Staelens (on Facebook)
Andrew Topel (on Facebook)
Gökhan Turhan (on Twitter)
Hale Turhan (on Twitter)
Max Yrik Valentonis (on Facebook)

I'll be posting various items of pwoermdic interest. I'm trying to do something more expansive and more supporting of pwoermding this year, so here's my plan, five elements I must create at least one of every day:

Textual pwoermd
Object pwoermd
Response to a pwoermd
Essay on a pwoermdist
Pwoermdic name for a pwoermdist

Keep watch.


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