Tuesday, April 7, 2015

As Spring Comes Yet Isn't Quite Here

Just a thought, briefly set out before you.

Peter Newton wrote a pwoermd today, all about pun.


But not all about pun, because pun is always more than pun. It is about where the pun takes you by the ear, by the mind, sometimes by the eye.

We know this

awedumb = autumn

It is not just the fall, or how the sounds fall against the ear with almost the same sound, or even autumn. But it is something about autumn, something found within "autumn."

How the best of autumn makes you. How it changes slowly,


so slowly, that it doesn't seem to change at all, while it is continuously changing. How we are awed dumb.

Though to say it that baldly is to tear it apart, to make it to obvious, to ruin it.

So we are left with awedumb. Very simple.

And we are left with this new word ending in a silent b.

While the old word ends in a silent n.

And we can hear the louder sound of the b.


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