Sunday, April 19, 2015

Announcing 1

I have spent my weekend organizing my supplies. I hold onto all kinds of paper and objects and tools and pigments under the illusion that I'll someday make something with these things. And maybe I will. I have spent all of International Pwoermd Writing Month so far searching for objects I could use to make object pwoermds.

As I've done that, I've made good use of some interesting objects I've been holding onto, but I've also realized that I had insufficient order to these sometimes naturally disorderly things. I've spent the weekend creating that order and remembering what it was like to be a maker, to make tiny publications and mail them around the world.

So I'm announcing the launch of a small occasionally zine of pwoermds under the title 1. For the first issue, I'll choose work posted on line during InterNaPwoWriMo, and that issue may even come out this month. "May." After April, I'll accept submissions via email at I'll be very picky, and I might turn down 100 pwoermds to find one to use. But I also won't care if you've already published the pwoermd on line previously.

1 will follow the format of my previous zines, which is to say that each issue will be formatted entirely differently. And I will give each poet published in an issue at least two copies of that issue. The print runs will be small, probably no more than fifty, and there may be as few as two pwoermds in some issues. Still, it may prove of interest to those most interested in pwoermds.

For the time being, the zine will be open only to textual pwoermds, ones I can create entirely by hand. That may change, but not immediately.

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