Monday, March 30, 2015

International Pwoermd Writing Month VII Will Soon Begin

Geof Huth, "W(ATE)RSKY" (in process of being make) (ca 2010)

The day after tomorrow, April 1st, is the beginning of the cruellest month, least commonly known as International Pwoermd Writing Month (eighth incarnation).

This year, as in every year, I ask people to create at least one pwoermd (a poem of a single word that serves as its own title and its full self) every day for thirty days.

I will post a list of all those participating, and I will otherwise advertise the extravaganza, but it is up to the participants in InterNaPwoWriMo VII (and I'm one of them) to create the pwoermds and to otherwise participate in the month.

30 pwoermds, 30 words, 30 days. Sounds doable.

So if you are preparing to participate, send me word via any means you can reach me, and also tell me where you'll be posting your pwoermds.