Monday, March 31, 2014

The List of Pwoermdist as of the Day Before It All Begins

Geof Huth, "eKo" (28 March 2014)

As of this moment, less than three quarters of an hour before the beginning of the seventh annual International Pwoermd Writing Month, 13 people have told me that they will be participating in InterNaPwoWriMo in 19 venues. One of these people is me. Here they are:

You can also find links to them to the right. This is all getting serious now.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ghostspelling (for the 7th Time)

Geof Huth, "Resform" (17 April 2013)

Late on the draw again, but the seventh year of International Pwoermd Writing Month is about to begin, and I'm not going to fail to announce it.

Yes, it's late here, on the eastern coast of the United States, on the day before the last day of March as I write this, and it's that final day elsewhere on the globe.

So I've plenty of time to announce that I'm ready to "curate" (I love using that pompous term for the first time--in this manner) International Pwoermd Writing Month VII.

If you are willing to write a pwoermd a day (or as close to that as you can manage), send word to me, however you wish, informing me of your intentions and telling me where you will post your pwoermds on line.

For InterNaPwoWriMo is an online, worldwide, any-language, open celebration of the pwoermd, which is a word, all by itself, presented as a poem.

The word can be a "normal" word on an invented one. It can be visualized in some way (such as my "Resform" above) or it simply be typed out.

Send me word of your interest. Tell me where your presence exists. We are ready to begin.

[PS "Ghostspelling" compliments of Michael Knies.]