Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We're now more than halfway through the seventh annual International Pwoermd Writing Month, and I'm only now updating my list of participants and their many many venues. What I'm noticing this year is that people are posting pwoermds at two or three, sometimes more, sites. This seems to me to be an attempt to reach the most people possible. And the move that I see away from blogs is a move towards more social interaction.

Aditya Bahl (Tumblr)

Gary Barwin (Tumblr)

Jeremy C Casabella (Facebook)

Catherine Ednie

for a day, while (Tumblr)

Rose Franken (Facebook)

Michael Helsem (on my Facebook page)

Mara Patricia Hernandez at /vi-zhə-wəl/
Tom Jenks (Facebook)

Karri Kokko (Twitter)

Matthew Lafferty (Twitter)

Daniel Leonard (Twitter)

Stephen Nelson (Facebook)

Bob Phillips (Facebook)

Timo Salo (Facebook)

sven staelens' pwoerdzie

sven staelens (Tumblr)

sven staelens (Twitter)

Mark Young's wondeslaits


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