Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Not InterNaPwoWriMo?

Of course, some ideas are so obvious as to escape notice. Why are all of our writing months (for novels, for poems, for pwoermds) focused entirely on the United States of America? Why don't we try for a little international brotherhood and encourage, simply, anyone anywhere to participate?

It seems to me that the goals of such months is to encourage creativity, so why put a drag on that creativity by restricting it to a slim sliver of humanity? (Especially since even a slimmer sliver of that body of humanity will ever participate.)

But how did I come to this realization myself? Only when my friend Karri Kokko (a Finn) sent me a note saying, "Taking part in (Na)PwoWriMo, though, is a bit late for me. I have plenty to do trying to come up with one 'normal' poem per day."

To be fair to myself, I opened the call up to all poets, noting no geopolitical boundaries—"Poets of South Ossetia, please participate"—but the "National" in the title does suggest my nation.

So, from now on, the International Pwoermd Writing Month is the International Pwoermd Writing Month (InterNaPwoWriMo), though I'm not going to bother to change the name or URL of this blog just yet.

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